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if you buy it your stupid

its free now\


what the hell is this price

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im inv i Can't see me i can't move Pls fix that

Please Change running animations like Fall Guys running animation and jumping to

Hey if i will download Update 4 Will that thing have multiplayer


There appears to be a camera glitch.


do you gots to download each and every game

You don't need to download every single one only the latest update.

why there is no one to play

because it is early access, it is not competitive yet.  

i cant play it if no one


What are the processing requirements?

Its not working.It doesn't load.What are system requirements???

windows 7 and above

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i have win 10.Do i need to download all updates of this game????

I don't know. It has 3k downloads and it has worked for everyone.

I included this in my video

So funny!


Recommendations for next update:

The classic original bean character.

A main menu that impersonates the actual game.

Better third person camera.

anyways i love the game keep it up


dis game in my vid boi: 





pls make a linux verison

How good is this game?

its a Rip off

Well that doesn't prevent it from being good, this guy was asking a simple question, he didn't say anything about this being legit.

B E A N   G U Y S


someone remade it and called it bean guys but he didnt publish it i think its illegal idk lol

I have no words lmao

lmao, Great Video!


help my pc's burning

fucking sweet

Thank you!


Glad you enjoyed it!